A downloadable game for Windows

My first attempt at a game, made within 2 weeks. (Submitted within the last 5 min , phew!)

I learned as I went along and had fun. I hope you enjoy this game.

Personal note:

This started off as a challenge that made me try, even with limited time. I don't think I've been as stubborn and persistent in my life to do something. Art made from scratch, as was the music.


Coding, Art, Story

Narrative editor, Music
Eric Martins

Kyle Martins - Twitter.com/_FABLES_
Eric Martins

Interface and Backgrounds
Yanin De Jesus - yanindj.com
(Images are not owned, visual elements rendered hold their own copyright)

Thank you Eric, Kyle and Yanin for working with me and hope to work on more things with you guys another time! You were all awesome and I love you. You guys came in for the last week (sorry 'bout that) and I appreciate it!


If you get stuck in a particular scene, save (click on the cog to save in a save slot) and then load the game. For some reason sometimes this happens. Not sure why it does that, but this should solve the issue if it happens.

Install instructions

This can be unzipped and all you need is to run the application.

Thank you very much and enjoy!


Golden Journey.rar 106 MB

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